QZQZ zine

new no-budget magazine that will be downloadable online in color and a version for photocopying



manifestos.  gonzo journalism.  transgressive fiction.  cultural & media critiques.  poetic terror.  reports of direct action.  witnessings of political events.  psycho- & socio- logical experiments.  ideas for changing the established order.  blueprints for free spaces.  travelogues.  mash-ups, cut-ups, culture-jams.  recipes for non-consumables.  diy inventions.  photojournalism & visual fiction.  photocopied souvenirs.  subversive posters.  inserructionary surrealism.  deconstructionist & situationist theory.  semiotic analysis of everyday life.  primary-source research.  transcultural artifacts.  psychogeographical explorations.  propaganda detournement.  obscure histories.  new mythologies.  phenomenologies of the opressed.  advice learned the hard way.  replacements for fashion.  omni-erotic adventures.  psychotic visions.  wildest hopes.  outsider art.  language play.  LOVE AND RAGE.



organization of issues depends on submissions, but we have the following in mind:


the global youth culture today evermore growing is one which adapts symbols of subculture and makes them meaningless.  meanwhile, forms of group culture and action deemed dangerous are supressed.


critiques, photographs and paraphernalia of hipster “culture” in your area, observations, coverage of supressed resistence, etc.


how do environments affect us, how are environments dictated upon us, and how can we reclaim and modify public space?  what is space most often used for and what should it be used for instead?


ideas for new ways of interacting with public environments, stories of street culture, research on issues such as migration and homelessness, accounts of being homeless in different places, stories of being psychologically affected by place, etc.


in which we aim to collect words with controversy attached (ex:  sex… terrorism… anarchism…) and examine their facets through the lens of different ways they are used and applied. 

also:  literature which is dangerous, challenging the status quo either by transgressing current limits of respectability, or by speaking about what those in power would like to remain unsaid.


examining theory and practice of creative action for political and social change.  what are the possibilities and limits of a nonviolent stance?

in particular we would like to explore radical ways of provoking our fellow citizens into new ways of thinking.

send:  experience reports and ideas that can be followed.


in 1967, guy debord introduced the world to the “spectacle.” 

“With the term spectacle, Debord defines the system that is a confluence of advanced capitalism, the mass media, and the types of governments who favor those phenomena. … The spectacle is the inverted image of society in which relations between commodities have supplanted relations between people, in which passive identification with the spectacle supplants genuine activity.” (wikipedia)

the world we live in today is more dominated by the spectacle than ever. 

send: examples and ideas for overthrowing it

we would also like to collect testimonials of mainstream media lies from those who were witness to news stories that the media bungled.


-media critique:  responses to news from those who know subject matter better than the journalists

- stranger than fiction: real life provides the most interesting narratives, but too often we forget

- heroes: write-ups of persons and groups doing anything original in opposition to an established order or injustice

-posters: with graphics or information to be cut out and spread around

- announcements:  calls for action, barter exchange, upcoming projects and events from all over

-what life is really like…: in places about which people are often ignorant, for types of people about whom misconceptions are usually held, etc

- point/ counterpoint: introductions to any kinds of beliefs held by some thought bizarre or controversial by most, presented with at least 2 viewpoints


culture jamming.  poetic terrorism.  citizen journalism.  autonomous direct action.  reclaiming the streets.  free spaces.  transculturalism.  psychogeographic and nomadic exploration.  indigenous, minority, & underground culture.  surrealism.  reality hacking.  spontaneous & free living.  deconstructionist theory.  situationist practice.  DIY education.  holistic health. mental freedom. radical subjectivity.  freeganism.  outsider art.  transgressive literature.  language experimentation.  fluid consciousness.  odes to beauty and redefinitions thereof.


media monopoly.  gentrification.  information copyright.  capitalism, consumerism, & conformism.  police & border control.  fascism & human rights abuses.  slavery & repression.  fashion & tourism industries.  franchises.  shopping malls.   hierarchy & authority.  expensive education.  commodification of art.  empty culture.  staidness.

more of what we like at spectacle society